The programme was put together purely on my personal experience and how much exercise and mindfulness has impacted my life in a positive way. There was nothing in the city that had something that gave an all round effect of getting fit, learning about exercise and also nutrition as well as looking after the mind through meditation and journaling. You could attend classes for both fitness and meditation which would cost around £10 for each class, over the course of the week you could be spending anything between £30-£60 every week and it definitely all adds up – this can result in people giving up or not even starting because they simply just can’t keep up with the costs.

That’s when Wellness With Claudia was born, November 2020 was the first intake a programme that is set at an affordable price and will leave you feeling the best version of yourself with the help of me and my amazing team.

It’s £150 for 8 weeks. We do a 24 hour sale for £110 on the day it goes on sale. That’s less than £2 per day to start working on yourself. It will be the best investment you ever make.
Head over to my Instagram or the homepage of the website to find out when the next intake is. 

Anyone and absolutely everyone. No matter your fitness level, training experience or work schedule Wellness With Claudia is for you. It doesn’t matter where you are mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually this programme will pull you from the dirtiest of waters & help you blossom into the best version of yourself

This is all goal dependent to the individual. If your goal is fat loss you can expect to lose up to 2 stone in the 8 weeks.
If your goal is to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle you can expect to learn this from all the educational webinars and weekly challenges set by me to get out of your comfort zone and slowly changing and working on your daily habits to become the best version of yourself.
If your goal is to become fitter and learn to love exercise without focusing on a fat loss goal there are 4 live zoom sessions you can attend every week, 2 focusing on weight training and 2 focusing on cardio and HIIT.
Wellness With Claudia is suited for anyone who wants to lose weight, learn how to live a balanced healthy lifestyle, and learn to love exercise. 

1 mat
1 kettlebell (8kg, 10kg, 12kg)
1 set of light dumbbells (2kg or 3kg)
1 heavy resistance band

The live zoom sessions can be done from the comfort of your own home or in the gym.
The pre recorded sessions on the website can be done from home or in the gym as well.
There is also a gym programme being added to the August intake for anyone who prefers training in the gym. There will be 3 gym sessions per week on the programme, 1 upper, 1 lower/glute based and 1 cardio/HIIT based workout. 

Yes of course, on all of the live workouts I go over form and technique A LOT! You can just go at your own pace and take rest when needed if you are new to exercising. The beauty of the zooms is you can do it from your own home and no one can see you but me on the screen!
No it’s not just for beginners, as an advanced trainer myself I join in & take the zoom classes most of the time & they are challenging for me. I say to anyone who is advanced to increase the weight of their kettlebell so their body & fitness doesn’t plateau

No, not at all!
The meditation and yoga teachers will do an introduction on your first session. They will talk you through what meditation and yoga is all about, the benefits and what to expect
Anything you are unsure of they will be able to help you 

Don’t worry all the live zoom sessions are recorded and emailed to anyone who can’t make it. The recording will be valid for 7 days this is to keep you accountable to make sure you catch up!

Both… some are live, I will always let you know the date and time in advance, if you can’t make it the recording will be uploaded to the website the next day for you to catch up on.
Some webinars are pre recorded by me and uploaded onto the website. 

Of course, you don’t have to want to lose weight to join the programme. The programme has so many other benefits, using the 8 weeks to focus on yourself and grow as a person mentally and emotionally if you wanted to, the choice is yours. 

You don’t get a tailored diet plan. You do get tailored calories and macros and there is a webinar on the website all about My Fitness Pal and how to plan and track your meals properly
There is also example diet plans for you to use if you wish or get ideas from.
There is also over 10 recipe books on the website with 100s of recipes to chose from all with the calories and macros calculated on each one. 

4 live zoom group sessions per week
2 pre recorded sessions per week
2 guided meditations per week
1 yoga session per week
Full 8 week gym programme PDF with 3 sessions per week to follow

Tailored calories and macros to your goals (if you wish)
Over 100 recipes
5 example diet plans
Over 10 educational webinars on periods, My Fitness Pal, motivation, vitamins & supplements etc
Restaurant calorie guides to make eating out that little bit easier when staying on track
4 CBT workshops on the website with Nihad on emotional eating & binge eating, anxiety & depression, low mood & motivation, self compassion & self care
Access to a private WhatsApp group with all the other girls
Weekly reflections to keep you accountable & to help you set goals for the week ahead